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Histadrut Chairman        Arnon Bar-David

Organized labour in Israel is currently in full swing. Many workers from all industries and from all over the country continue to join us, recognizing the strength of the Histadrut and its ability to lead moves to strengthen workers' status retirees. From industrial workers and local authorities to new field workers, such as mobile and high-tech, who were not part of the world of organized work in the past - they all share a path of solidarity and mutual guarantee.

The growth trend enjoyed by the Histadrut, which is marking its 100th anniversary, marks it as one of the most prominent workers' organizations globally and inspires a new spirit in the struggles we wage for the benefit of the general public. As a significant and influential factor in society and the economy in the country, we have a responsibility to leverage this tremendous power in favor of improving labour productivity, promoting policies that encourage growth, nurturing and encouraging blue and white produce, and establishing the status of organized labor as the driving force.

This period is a window of opportunity. It is essential to recognize the many changes that are taking place in the world of work, to prepare for the challenges of the future, and to march the Histadrut to new achievements while improving the service and changing the organization's image for the better. The workers in the country have strong backing. As a responsible and robust Histadrut, we are committed to raising flags of creativity, proper management, increasing transparency, and promoting equality in the workplace.

Real reduction of gaps must begin with employees who are upbeat and feel contributing and valued. For this to occur, we will not be afraid to act resolutely to remove obstacles from the way and neutralize any factor that attempts to sabotage the Histadrut's efforts and actions on behalf of the workers.

I will work with all the tools at my disposal so that every employee of the Histadrut, every committee, and every trade union, will be proud of this organization and feel part of a cohesive and robust family. We will continue to work to reduce exploitative forms of employment in the economy. We will be the booming voice of vulnerable populations whose cry is not heard. We will smash together all the glass ceilings for the sake of those who suffer from exclusion and inequality. Also, the Histadrut will continue to be a leading factor in the fight to correct distortions, such as the erosion of old-age benefits and the ongoing erosion of pensioners' status.

As a strong and responsible Histadrut, we will continue to invest many resources to promote the well-being of employees and retirees, open new services and products that will add value to Histadrut members, and adopt technological innovation to make information accessible, streamline the service and continue to be the address for all things important to you.

Yours and for you,

Histadrut Chairman Arnon Bar-David